Over $1 Billion in verdicts and settlements as lead counsel. Representative matters include:

$454 Million Fraud Jury Verdict (Federal Court – Los Angeles; two-week trial)
Named as the top verdict in California for the year 2017

$80.5 Million Fraud Settlement (California Superior Court – during trial)
$41 Million Malpractice Jury Verdict (New Jersey – five-week trial)
$39 Million Trade Secret Malicious Prosecution Settlement (largest in nation)
$22.5 Million Audit Malpractice Settlement (after 121 days of deposition on three continents and seven countries)
Unanimous Jury Verdict Against the National Football League (Federal Court – Dallas; after cross examination of Jerry Jones at trial)
$22 Million Negligence Settlement (California Superior Court)
$21.5 Million Negligence Settlement (New Jersey)
$20 Million Negligence Settlement (California Superior Court)
$20 Million Fraud Settlement (North Carolina)
$13 Million Legal Malpractice and Fraud Jury Verdict (Florida – three-week trial)
$9 Million Negligence Settlement (Wisconsin)
$6 Million Intellectual Property Settlement (Federal Court – Orange County)
$5 Million Wrongful Death Settlement (California Superior Court)